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Material production process of aluminium alloy and aluminium parts
Sep 14, 2017

Aluminum Alloy and Al Yi Chengxing, due to light weight, high strength characteristics, in the machinery industry and some application more and more large component weight requirements of complex shapes. Compressor parts produced by our company is also included in Aluminum Alloy, due to the shape characteristics, tolerances, tolerances and other reasons, these parts are easily in the deformation process, bring many difficult problems to process. After repeated exploration, gradually improve the processing plan, the processing quality has been effectively controlled and improved.

Aluminum processing precision is not very high, but the two 0.05mm plane flatness and mutual parallel degree higher requirements. In addition, the machining allowance of castings, easy to produce processing stress caused by deformation, and stress the blank. The materials used for the Japanese brand ADC12 (Al-Si-Cu alloy, also known as No. 12), is a kind of aluminum die-casting Aluminum Alloy, corresponding to the domestic YL113. alloy materials by die casting, deformation in processing, deformation and intensified after a period of time, the main reason is the casting internal stress is relatively large, because after placing the release of stress deformation, so blank should be performed prior to aging treatment.

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