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the advantage of aluminum gas burner than cast iron burner used for camp stove of outdoor
Dec 06, 2017

The gas stove burner is one of our professional product that we developed for our customer from America and Chile 

Previous gas stove burner is made from cast iron ,which is very heavy and rusty for outdoor camp useage.So we design it and change it to aluminum die casting process.

Previous weight is about 2kg for one piece, but now it is 0.67kg per set.Which is much easier to carry outdoor and very light to handle,operate it.and also due the aluminum material, the surface is very anti rust and long term lift time 

The burner can fit the low pressure propane and here are other features of the gas stove burner for aluminum material 

Durable construction for long-lasting outdoor performance

  • Extra long neck provides space between the burner and stand

  • Made for propane use only

  • Fits 3/8-inch MPT hoses

  • Produces up to 35,000 BTUs

 low pressure propane gas burner produces up to 35,000 BTUs and has an extra long neck so it is not as close to the burner stand. The burner has 3/8-inch MPT hose fitting as well.

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Here show how they working and assembling

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